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 Reggie & Vera Wilson & Partners
Reginald and Vera Wilson - 

"2 visionaries living out their dream together" 

"prayer will cause you to meet people you never knew, go places your never been, while doing things you never done"
    Understanding where Reggie came from may give you an appreciation for his lifestyle as a leader. who loves God, people, and very passionate in praying. It’s the story of a young man from the Westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana. In growing up he was totally committed to the devil's  work and was sold-out to an ungodly lifestyle. However, his encounter with the love of the Father changed his course from going to hell first class to becoming a global called servant of God!

    We are focusing on advancing   "The Kingdom of God" – while impacting the family, community and the places we work!

    Command Your Day was created for the purpose of awakening your life to fresh opportunities for living. 

Joining Command Your Day will encourage discipline and new life adventures, by exposing you to fresh ways of praying as you connect with others. It is an awesome tool designed to teach, train and release a more active and fruitful results for life's challenges!

It’s Strategic – Intentional – Purposeful - Planned
It’s Building – Relationship- Covenant – Community
It’s Empowering – Vision – Responsibility – Alignment

WE are all about the Kingdom raising a remnant with a team effort, which causes a paradigm shift!

Join the Movement !

About Command Your Day
Our Founders
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Today, he is a known author, leader, and cutting edge prophetic and apost0lic voice,who fathers many in 
the USA and around the globe. He is married to Vera, the wife of his youth, celebrating 41 years
 of marriage in January 2017. They presently reside on the Westbank of New Orleans in the city of Terrytown, LA. 
They share four adult children and twelve grandchildren, whom they enjoy giving their time to. Together, 
they serve as founders and overseers of Fulfilling the Gospel Ministries International in Marrero, Louisiana..